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Alternative to traditional wedding ceremonyWhen you consider how much thought and planning goes into a wedding why wouldn't you want choice about where your ceremony is held, what you can say, what music can be played and which readings and poems used?

With a venue chosen by you and a ceremony created and approved in advance by you, everyone involved can relax and enjoy the perfect wedding ceremony, in the knowledge that it’s been one hundred per cent tailored to your wishes.

I can help you craft a unique ceremony that if required, can incorporate different cultures and beliefs and include symbolic elements such as a Handfasting, Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Jumping The Broom and Loving Cup. Your ceremony is only limited by your imagination. Alternatively, maybe you would prefer a small intimate ceremony and know exactly what you want to say and do? In which case I’m happy to conduct the ceremony to your wishes. Or perhaps you would like help to include family members within the ceremony, some ideas on readings and poems and want some live music included? Whatever your wishes, we can work together to ensure you have the ceremony and day that you want, however quaint, or quirky that may be.