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An ancient, romantic commitment.

IMG 2572A Handfasting is an alternative and increasingly popular way of celebrating your relationship and is based on ancient Celtic traditions. It’s a wonderful, romantic ceremony that can be adapted to suit your requirements by incorporating it within a more traditional wedding ceremony if you wish, or making it the main part of your wedding.

I will design your Handfasting with you, to ensure it fits comfortably with your requirements and beliefs and will conduct it at your venue of choice.

Handfastings are usually held outdoors (although it’s fine for them to be held inside too) with a circle being used as a symbol of eternity. It will include the symbolic binding of the hands with cord or ribbon (this is the origin of the terms ‘tying the knot’ and ‘the bonds of matrimony’) showing that the couple are not tied together, but are joined in love and by love. If required, the ceremony can draw on the symbolism of the four cardinal directions (North, South, East and West) and the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. This can be a powerful way of focussing on the different aspects of a relationship and the qualities you want to bring into your marriage. Family members, children and guests can also be included in the ceremony if you wish and it would be written accordingly, with the people taking part having the opportunity to know and practice beforehand, what they will need to say and do.

When conducting a Handfasting, I include a handmade, bespoke, Handfasting cord for you to use during the ceremony and then keep. At the end of your ceremony, this will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a keepsake box, in which will include a copy of your Handfasting script, your signed Handfasting certificate and a small amount of frankincense resin and sage, as a glorious reminder of the scents used during your ceremony. I also provide a handmade and decorated broom for you to use for the ‘jumping of the broom’ if required, however please feel free to make and use your own if you would prefer. This also applies to the cord, just let me know when we’re discussing your requirements.