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Funeral CeremoniesAbove all, each funeral ceremony is about the unique individual whose passing we are marking and whose life we are celebrating. The ceremony I will design, in close consultation with the deceased’s loved ones, will a respectful celebration of the life of this person and the memories they have left behind.

A funeral ceremony doesn’t have to be gloomy or morose; together we can strive to create an occasion which is about saying goodbye to the individual, celebrating all that they were, sharing memories and hopefully along the way, helping to begin the process of healing.

I conduct the ceremony by guiding people through everything, so that the difficult experience of being at a grave or a crematorium, is made as easy as possible for those concerned.

Unless specifically asked to ensure no religious or spiritual content, I will create a ceremony that is inclusive. This will ensure that what I say and do offers meaning and closure to those who have a faith, as well as those who don’t, so that all who come together to remember the deceased, have a chance to do so in whatever way feels right to them.