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Welcome your new family addition.

Child Naming & Adoption CeremoniesWhat better way to welcome your new addition to the family than a naming ceremony. If a traditional christening or religious ceremony is not of your choosing, then this provides an alternative opportunity to welcome your child (of whatever age) into the world and formally introduce them to your family and friends.

Together we can craft a ceremony that reflects your choice of the special people who will be involved in your child’s upbringing. You can use the occasion to welcome an adopted child or children to your family, or to unite children from previous and current relationships. These are naturally inspiring and joyful occasions. A naming ceremony can include commitments you, your family and friends are making to your child, promises to love and guide them, as well as readings and symbolic gestures that will welcome your child into the family and create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Simple ideas such as creating a Wishes Book, lighting candles or planting a rose can all add to the occasion.